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Prairie Dogs, Peanut Butter, and Black-Footed Ferrets Jul. 21st, 2015 @ 06:13 pm
How Feeding Prairie Dogs Peanut Butter Could Help Save Ferrets from the Plague | Smithsonian -- [The recovery of black-footed ferrets is threatened by plague.]

Determined ferret Oct. 12th, 2014 @ 07:33 pm
This is what I call determination )))))
Our ferret Mila loves stuffed toys of all sizes. This one is not, technically, a toy - it is a fun hand towel. But Mila decided otherwise and was determined to get it for herself. She got the toy eventually - as an award for her perseverance ))))

Nook May. 18th, 2014 @ 01:40 am
my baby nook turned 3 years old in march. i found out this month that he has a mass in his abdomen. he had been lethargic and not his usual self. took him to see the vet and he said he'd need to have surgery. he went in for surgery but the mass is wrapped around his pancreas. no way to remove it without it affecting the blood circulating to his pancreas. nook has maybe 2 months. i'm enjoying every minute i have with him. *sniffles*

zephyr has insulinoma. he'll be going in for surgery soon.



missing ferrets Oct. 8th, 2012 @ 09:35 pm
I didn't shut the door correctly and I had my ferrets go missing this weekend :-( It was horrific, but by some divine miracle, I got them all back :-)

ANYWAYS, I was wondering if any of you had any similar experinces and how you found your best friends again? Any tips or tricks?

I tried everything people told me, but maybe my babies are just special... b/c they traveled apart, FAR- like 5blocks to a mile in different directions. One was found in the street, one under hot air venting from a house, and one under a blanket put on a flower bed to keep the flowers from freezing.

Somehow one went across a field/park/lake and back into a different neighborhood-- is this common? I thought for sure he'd get lost in the field, I'm amazed he found humans again.

Online auction to benefit ferret sanctuary in Texas. Aug. 11th, 2012 @ 12:44 am

Greetings. I just wanted to try to drum up a little interest for an auction that's currently running on Facebook. 

There's a wide variety of items, and for the most part there are no starting bids. Please check it out: 

It's a Ferret-y Auction.


Other entries
» Helicobacter, ferret gastric issues
When Kuzco was 2, he was having some bad stomach issues. He had to be put on a special diet of ground chicken livers and a few other things, and while my memory is fuzzy for me, I know he had to have some pepto bismol, and if I had to guess, antibiotics.

It was a rough patch, but he pulled through. He's nearly 6 now. He still has stomach issues, likely related to the same bacterial problems, and I'm trying to stave it off. Normally my occasional remedy was a few cheerios (oats are low in carbs and still usually settle stomachs pretty good I find), or a touch of TUMS dissolved in water, but they're not doing it this time. So I'm thinking pepto. Now this ferret will eat almost anything I offer him; he trusts me highly. He seems to HATE the peppermint taste of pepto, though. Will not touch it. While I can get out the medicine dropper, I'm hoping to just trick him into having a dose or two.

For you ferret parents out there, are there any methods you've come across which might make it easier for your boys and girls to take the pepto, aside from force-feeding? I'll do it if I have to; I'd just prefer not to. He's my oldest boy to date, with the first few having passed around their fifth year from adrenal complications and/or cancers. Well, and Gaz, who succumbed to anesthesia. Would like to have one of my boys make it to the ripe old age of 8 or 9, and Kuzco's well on his way. Hacksaw's doing well too, for being a Marshall Farms boy.

Anyway, rambling. Any ideas/advice?
» Online auction...

at Facebook to benefit WeezleWings Ferret Sanctuary in Hallsville, Texas. 

All ferrets taken in by WWFS are "forever homed and forever loved". They have a full-time caregiver who is a registered nurse and has approximately 20 years of  hands-on ferret knowledge. Items in this particular auction are mostly hand-made earrings of crystals, glass, precious gems, and other beads. Other themed auctions are in the works.

If interested please comment and I'll give you a link. Or provide your FB name and I'll send an invitation. Comments are screened. 


» Ferretness
Hot damn these ferret communities are super dead. It is all about the facebook and twitter now, I guess. Meeper season is getting close. Can't wait this year. We are going to have some crackin litters. I'll do a photo dump here for anyone who might still be active.

Ferret photo dump right here.Collapse )
» Previous post
I apologize for the size of the picture in my last post. I'm not sure how to scale it down.
» Ferret Giving Tree
Ferret Giving Tree

There are several oldsters on the trees that could really use a fast Santa that sends their gifts right away. Will you be their Santa?

Here's a list of the elder oldsters, some not in good health so they could really use a Santa that sends gifts right away. A small gift to show the shelter mom or dad they're appreciated is welcome, too. 

Tree 13 - Cheeko
Tree 21 - Nicole
Tree 22 - Chico
Tree 23 - Alice, Trouble
Tree 24 - Skype
Tree 26 - Lulu, Bella, Fuzzy, Gidgit
Tree 27 - Milo, Willow
Tree 28 - Banjo, Chloe
Tree 29 - Miss Taz
Tree 30 - Baby bones, Tweak RIP
Tree 31 - Bob, Faye
Tree 32 - Jezebel, Anubis, Bebe, Snickers

I may not have adopted any particular ferrets, but I'm a contributing member of a FGT group (I'm making sleep sacks) and have been helping a nearby shelter by contributing items for their fundraisers. 

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