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D'awww! Aug. 5th, 2011 @ 01:46 am
I've been making some items for a ferret sanctuary and hospice. This is my second attempt at a "hanging sleep sack". My boy Bug (a little over 3 lbs.) is my (insanely cute) model.

If anyone is interested I can provide a picture that shows the sack better/give contact details for the sanctuary.
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How do you say Goodbye?? Aug. 2nd, 2011 @ 09:23 pm
I was so very lucky to rescue a ferret named Zeus 8 years ago. Zeus was abused by his owners. He was kicked, thrown in the air, chased by chickens, and stepped on by a Saint Bernard. Due to these cruel people, Zeus had neurological damage. I rescued him at about 6 months of age. He was afraid of human contact and would bite your nose if you were close. After much love and building trust, Zeus became a great companion, a love bug, didn't bite, and would love to cuddle. Zeus was my baby. We had many great years together, even though some were difficult due to his Neurological damage. As Zeus became older, he struggled with simple walking. The neurological damage mimicked Parkinson's in humans. Not only did we fight the brain damage, but Zeus had Adrenal Disease, was diagnosed with Insulinoma in the last couple of months, and had urinary tract disease. After multiple scares and surgeries due to the urinary tract disease causing blockages, Zeus still survived. I couldn't believe how much fight my little guy had. He was a true inspiration. 2 weeks ago, my poor baby had another blockage. The vet was able to manually squeeze his bladder to release the blockage under anesthesia without having another surgery. He was prescribed Pred. and Antibiotics. Since that blockage, Zeus was urinating but still seemed to struggle. Early this morning, Zeus started struggling again and was not producing any urine. We rushed to the vet and he was not able to manually squeeze his bladder to release the blockage. Zeus was in pain and I didn't want to put him through more with another surgery that may not work due to his many, many others and scar tissue. So, I opted to put my baby to sleep. I have never done anything so hard in my entire life. I am so glad that my baby is no longer in pain and does not have to suffer anymore, but I feel so empty and lost without him. How do you get over losing such a dear friend? He was like my own child. I miss him so much!

RIP Zeus 2/14/03-8/2/11. Mommy loves you so much!
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Deathly Hallows 2: FERRET! Jul. 15th, 2011 @ 06:24 pm
there's a cameo in the Harry Potter movie, of a huge, floofy sable fert. Was quite a nice bit of seasoning in the awesome-sauce that was the movie. :-D
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Ferret Playpen Jul. 13th, 2011 @ 12:41 pm
We just moved into a new house that is not great for the ferts to free-roam. So I'm looking for a good playpen that I can set up/take down daily to give them a few hours of playtime. I have been looking at amazon and the reviews for various playpens are not very helpful when it comes to ferrets. I know which ones work for bunnies and rats (not helpful). Anyone have any ideas?

Jul. 12th, 2011 @ 10:16 pm
Hey friends I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I am in the MA area and I have two ferrets that need to be rehomed! I would be willing to travel to the nearby states, ME, RI, CT, NH, hell, I'll even got to close NY.
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Please, if you can give them a good forever home, or know someone who knows someone, let me know!
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Date:    Wed, 6 Jul 2011 09:20:46 -0400
From:    Rebecca Johnson
Subject: Needing a helping hand

Hi everyone!

I've been 'lurking' here for a while and have read lots of helpful information, laughed, cried, and found the 'ferret community' is a pretty great group of people! And that is why I'm writing now. I volunteer for Denise's Delightful Dooker's Ferret Rescue in Auburn, WA. If you know Denise, you know she is a humble woman that has worked her buns off for the ferrets and the ferret community for some time. Well, she needs some help.

DDDFR is at full capacity- 101 beautiful ferrets as of this writing. While Washington Ferret Shelter was 'closed' (thank goodness their doors are open once again!) we did our best to pick up the slack- 29 ferrets joined us since April, 5 of those needing medical care. We had private surrenders, ferrets from King County Care & Control, Everett Animal Shelter, Federal Way police department, and Bellevue Animal Shelter. We also have a 'waiting list' for more surrenders. When it rains, it pours!

In the mean time, there's still the rescue to be run. We need the yearly distemper (Oh the importance of keeping those up!) and rabies vaccinations (required by the county) for every furry in the place. We have all these hungry mouths to feed and poop boxes needing pellets. We have hospice ferrets needing medications. There are 5 that need dental work asap (6 others soon) and other vet care. We have many wonderful ferrets needing forever homes. Well...you get the idea.

We've received some donations lately from some very kind people and appreciate their generosity but...there's just sooooo much still needed. So I'm asking for help on behalf of DDDFR. Cash donations can go through S.O.S. and delegated directly to DDDFR (tax deductible that way!). We have an account with Performance Foods, should you want to donate food- April knows the types we use. We use VCA Veterinary Clinic in Covington, WA (253-631-8616; File #9277) should you want to contribute directly to the huge vet bill. Of course, volunteers are always needed! Here's the web site for more info: http://www.washingtonferretdelights.org/

I've been long winded here, but you know how us ferret folks get! Please.... If you can help in any way, I know 101 ferrets and their 'staff' that would be so very grateful!

Thank you very much for your time & consideration!

Rebecca (Known to Denise's Dookers as Auntie Nom Nom)

(x-posted from the Ferret Mailing List with Rebecca's permission)
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FBF's Moonbeam

FBF's Moondust

FBF's Moonlight

FBF's Moonshine

FBF's Moonspark

» (No Subject)

4 different ferrets. Kibble fed ferrets up top and my raw fed girls on the bottom. Look at the gums too! Ouch!

#3 (Munchie) used to have teeth like the above ferrets.

They also only poop about twice a day (very tiny poops) and don't smell. Yay! lol

X-Posted, sorry if you see it a lot!

» Ferret kits
Took some photos of the meepers today at 4.5 weeks. Hope you enjoy.

I got new meeper pics. Oh yes I sure do. Everyone loves meepers.

This is FBF's Farrah or Fury. Not sure which one.

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» Meep?
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