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Ferret Lovers Live Journal Community

The Original Ferret LJ Community

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The Original Ferret LJ Community
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The Ferret lovers community is a place where owners and lovers can share stories, pictures, tips about ferrets, and ferret care! We pride ourselves in having educated answers. We've been around for over four years, and in that time have amassed a wealth of knowledge, community, and kinship among owners.

In terms of ferret topics, we welcome any and all topics that may come to mind about ferrets as long as they follow the rules of this community.


1) No commercial advertising (in posts or in comments) without the expressed permission of the community owner (duchess_webb).

2) Be respectful. In case you are not quite clear of what being respectful means, we have provided a link to the definition. While having disagreements can and will happen, we expect members to behave in a civilized manner toward our fellow members (and moderators). No flaming, no name calling, no personal attacks, no "snarky" comments...

It shall be the sole discretion of the moderators as to what does or does not constitute a breach of this rule.

3) Defying the moderators will not be tolerated. Defying a moderator will lead to suspension and/or banning.

4) Membership is now subject to approval by the moderators of this community. Anon postings as well as posts from those outside the community are disabled. You must have an LJ membership in order to leave comments.

5) If you have a memory post that is not currently added (please check first!) and you would like to see added, please add it in this thread. Anything not in here may not be added, or may not be added quickly!

6) Those to be in violation of copyright law shall banned at the discretion of the moderators. For those of you that do not know copyright law, read this page.

7) As we love to post pictures, you can post as many as you'd like. However, if you are posting more than 2 photos, please make sure that any more than the first 2 are behind a LJ-Cut. Also if the pictures are huge, try give a warning of that before the LJ-Cut. If you do not know how to properly use LJ-Cut, FAQ Question #75 from LJ Support will help explain.

8) Topics pertaining to sensitive subjects (i.e. graphical descriptions and/or photographs of feeding live animals to your pets, graphical descriptions and/or photographs of ferret deaths, etc.) must be placed under a LJ-Cut tag, with a warning in the post. Some of us have these prey animals as pets, and we should be sensitive to that fact. If you do not know how to properly use LJ-Cut, FAQ Question #75 from LJ Support will help explain.

9) If you have a question or comment about the community, please e-mail ferretloverslj @ gmail.com and one of our moderators will get back to you. If it is a specific issue, make sure you provide URLs to the problem you are addressing and identify yourself with your LJ account name. Anonymous complaints and/or complaints that do not contain specific information about the complaint will not be investigated. Anything that violates the LJ ToS, will be reported.

10) Due to liability concerns, it is not the intention or purpose of this community to give emergency advice in the care of your pet. If you are in an emergency situation, call an experienced veterinarian. If you truly do not know what could be an potential emergency, here is a list of life threatening emergency symptoms.

11) Do not ask the moderators in their own journals or community posts for assistance in a question or problem. Address your problem to the community e-mail account at ferretloverslj @ gmail.com.

The moderators of FerretLovers are:
duchess_webb & prairieflower

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