Ev (ultra__violent) wrote in ferretlovers,


Hello!!! I just found and joined this community today, so i thought i'd introduce myself..My name is Ev, I'm 21..I live in south florida..I have two ferrets. Napoleon and Alabama..They are a year and a half old..Alabama was diagnosed with lymphoma about 4 months ago, and she had to have surgery to find out if that is exactly what is was and the vet lost the sample..so we are still not sure of what she has..but she is doing wonderful, she takes prednisone everyday and the last time we took her to get a check up about a month ago they said they didn't feel the mass anymore..so i'm hoping that she is cured. I hate when people say that ferrets are "just rats"..I think it is ignorant..anyway, I love ferrets and I think they are the best pets and they bring so much joy to everyone....here are some pics of mine:

this was about a year ago..they play fight all the time and me and my boyfriend call it "ferret wars"

napoleon is the white one and alabama is the sable.

alabama and napoleon before bed

I have a lot more pictures but I'll leave you with those for now..
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